Senate GOP Report: Critical Thinking on Climate Change

Just out today from GOP members of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee:

The climate has always and will always be changing, and that is unquestionable. What is in question is the amount of influence human activity has on climate patterns, and this report is intended to provide an opportunity to think critically and review some of the more important global warming predictions made over the last several decades.

Click for the report courtesy of Climate Depot.

2 thoughts on “Senate GOP Report: Critical Thinking on Climate Change”

  1. This is a clear, only mildly technical analysis. It essentially does falsify the idea that humans are driving harmful climate changes. Anyone with a high-school science background (a real one, not a watermelon-driven pretense) can follow it. Everything it says is verifiable.
    So why do we still have to have this conversation? Because the watermelons plan to run the world and your life and mine. Since lies are the only way they can get the reins, they are lying. A few may be kidding themselves and a few may be real believers but most are wilfully blind or deliberately deceitful.
    And they’re all “progressives.”

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