760 dead in English heatwave — NYU prof calls for end of air conditioning

NYU’s Eric Klinenberg win’s today’s Dumbest Academic Alive award.

As you can see, air conditioning is even warmist EPA’s No. 1 recommendation for heat wave safety:

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 3.46.25 PM

Read about the heatwave deaths at Breitbart.

Read Eric Klinenberg’s absurd call for an end to AC.

7 thoughts on “760 dead in English heatwave — NYU prof calls for end of air conditioning”

  1. The brutal heat is 29-30°C, about the temperature in Richmond at 9:50 AM. They are counting a 21 year old who fell from a flat roof while sun bathing and 13 drownings as heat related injuries. I wonder what else they count. As far as cutting off my AC, something along the lines of cold dead hands comes to mind.

  2. Hold on now. Some places should go without AC or artificial heating. Congress would do a lot less damage if they were to conduct their session in DC without A?C

  3. With 60 million people living in the country, it is easy to find a cause that will kill thousands of people each year. How about “Fall on and from stairs and steps”?


    Knowing Guardian, I suspect they either filtered exposure-related deaths or swept them under “uknown causes” or “senility without psychosis”, but it is still an interesting viz — it can’t be all wrong.

  4. If the Professor wants to advocate for no air conditioning, all well and good. Every one’s entitled to his own folly. But here in Arizona, where the temperature today is 105 F and it’s like this all summer, don’t include me in the idiocy.

  5. Funny the fuss being made now about 700 deaths when the 5000 deaths from cold and energy poverty in March 2013 barely rated a mention. But then the media have been told to report the heat and not the cold they are totally unconcerned about deaths they just work toward the ‘Common Purpose’

  6. There is no AC in England, and I hate it. It is only available to the lucky few who work inside expensive corporate offices. But, as one cabby told me when I complained about it back in 1999, during a much worse heat wave, “We don’t need it. Only a few days a year, maybe”.

    There is absolutely nothing special about this heat wave. It is milder than 2006 and many previous years. I’m sitting in my office with sweat running into my eyes, but there are people sitting next to me for whom it is not even warm enough. Depends on whom you listen to.

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