Michael Mann agains tries to silence an opponent of warmism

This time it’s the Daily Beast’s Megan McArdle who must be quieted.

Mann tweeted:

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 9.51.43 AM

Click for McArdle’s latest offending column.

Click for Mann’s efforts to silence others revealed in the Climategate e-mails.

Click for Mann’s effort to get James Delingpole fired.

18 thoughts on “Michael Mann agains tries to silence an opponent of warmism”

  1. He behaves like a petulant child with delusions of grandeur and
    an over- exaggerated sense of hos own importance.

  2. He needs to grow up and learn how to take criticism. My 8 month old nephew is more emotionally mature than Dr. Mann is. What a big baby!

  3. @michaelemann 10,000 tweet..
    Uggh! RT @cshea4 You’re behind the news. She’s been given more $, prestigious platform. #MeganMcArdle

  4. I wish I could have the opportunity to be on a debate stage before an audience with him.

    That will never happen

  5. Being a Milloyian, I disagree with Ms. McArdle on her view of the science. But I note she makes her position in reasonable terms.
    Peter Glieck and Michael Mann HAVE behaved badly, so that was just a factual statement. How else would you define theft and forgery in Glieck’s case and data manipulation and obfuscation in Mann’s?
    As for Mann complaining about a post with falsehoods and personal attacks, well, if he were correct (and in this case I’d say he is not), his complaint would be like a moose telling a bear to get a shave.

  6. Here’s the difference between Mann et al. and the “Milloyians” (Our annual meeting is in a phone booth by the way) — We don’t want to silence Mann. Rather, we encourage him to rant on so that all who hear know him mad. So keep talkin’ and tweetin’, Mikey! Of course, we don’t have to encourage him — he can’t control himself.

  7. Howdy Our Host
    You are also scrupulous about quoting warmists and linking to their articles so that readers may judge them fairly by their own words. As you point out, that is also giving them the rope to hang themselves…
    Where’s the phone booth? Perhaps I can make this year’s meeting.

  8. The dumbest invention since the electric car. If these people are spending so much time displaying their egos before a crowd stupid enough to read it, how much “research” are they getting done?

    Not that Mann ever did any anyway. His contributions to date have amounted to attempts to bury nonsense in statistics.

  9. Reblogged this on CraigM350 and commented:
    “I agree that folks like Michael Mann and Peter Gleick have behaved very badly”

    Now if that isn’t a clear case of breaking warmist commandments I don’t know. A fiery man made climate hell awaits her, even if she did agree with the ‘science’

  10. So, liberals are realists about the science? Seriously?? Ms McArdle may be “familiar” with skeptics arguments, but she apparently doesn’t get the science, which makes Mann’s criticism all the more absurd.

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