EPA sends climate rule for future coal plants to White House

Politico reports:

EPA just hit the accelerator in its push to fulfill President Barack Obama’s climate promises.

The agency has sent the White House a new draft of its proposed greenhouse gas rule for future power plants, POLITICO learned Monday — less than a week after Obama announced he was ordering the EPA to undertake a huge effort to throttle carbon pollution from the power industry.

The substance of the draft is confidential and may not become public for months. And it may be significantly weaker than an April 2012 draft that had seemed vulnerable to industry legal challenges.

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8 thoughts on “EPA sends climate rule for future coal plants to White House”

  1. I nave asked a number of my friends, many of them are college grads, what portion of air is CO2. Most of them think there must be 20 or 30% CO2 in air. They have gotten their information from the news media and are very surprised when I tell them that air contains a small trace of CO@.

  2. Politico gushes over how quickly the EPA threw together this rule to comply with Barack’s directive. EPA has been working on this rule for years. Plus, does Politico really think that throwing together a huge rule quickly would be a sign of a quality regulation?

  3. This whole thing is just incredible. Inconceivable until recently. Is there any hope of sanity stopping such nonsense? Legal recourse? It’s just appalling.

  4. Here is an idea to take back the narrative. While the target of the warmists is reducing CO2, do you notice how it is all about reducing “carbon”. This in spite of the fact there are two Oxygen atoms in each CO2 molecule. Think of how silly, and illuminating, it would be to show up at a protest with a sign saying “We must reduce Oxygen NOW”. If the opposition, every time they say “Carbon Reduction” we reply saying “Oxygen Reduction” that may start a few people to think. Hey, lets all reduce our Oxygen footprint —- or lets not.

  5. Or better yet, have the Justice Department and Homeland Security identify it as a “terrorist organization”

  6. Why doesn’t somebody drag that communist front organization known as the “EPA” before the House Un-American Activities Committee?

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