Global warming now a weapon against Scotland’s independence

The Herald (Scotland) reports:

AN independent Scotland would be “at a deep strategic disadvantage” to Russia in the conflict that is expected to emerge from climate change, according to Icelandic academics.

Scotland would need “shelter” from stronger allies which will “incur costs different from, and not necessarily lesser than” those of contributing to UK defence, legal and political experts from the universities of Iceland and Akureyri have advised.

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3 thoughts on “Global warming now a weapon against Scotland’s independence”

  1. Scotland is now ruled by the same idiots who peddle global warming and hamper the development of its energy sources.

  2. Separating part of a country from the larger unit is always difficult, even if the split is relatively amicable a la the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
    Scotland might be at a disadvantage for energy resources if it separates from the UK or it might find that it has energy sources that it can develop more readily than if it remains part of the UK.
    Ireland got its independence politically but remains closely tied to the UK economically. Something similar would likely happen with Scotland. Scotland would be welcome in NATO, of course.

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