Claim: Burning a liter of gas increases ocean volume by 647 liters

PBS reports:

A new analysis released today in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences includes these mind-numbing statistics:

One single liter of petroleum gas burned may add 647 liters of sea volume. One ton of coal burned may add 164,000 gallons of sea volume.

“This is an extraordinary illustration of the sensitivity of the Earth system,” writes Ben Strauss, director of Climate Central’s Program on Sea Level Rise in a commentary in the journal.

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14 thoughts on “Claim: Burning a liter of gas increases ocean volume by 647 liters”

  1. This is an extraordinary example of how far the religious fanatics and mystics at the Church of Anthropogenic Global Warming will go to preach their zero growth gospel. Were any of the statements factual they would lack credibility due to the overwhelming evidence that AGW is a religion rather than settled science.

  2. My first reaction to this headline was- so what?

    I did a quick check on the calculation, and it relies on some interesting assumptions.
    Ocean surface area is 361 million km^2.
    Assuming 1F gives 4.2 ft, then 1C gives 2.3 m rise. Only a fool, incompetent or climateer would claim this.
    That gives a total volume increase of 2.3*361×10^12 m^3 = 8.3*10^14 m^3. Now, assume 1C needs a half of a doubling of CO2, or 140 ppm.
    1 ppm = 7.8 GT CO2.
    So, the 2.3m rise needs 1092 GT CO2.
    Since half of emissions currently disappear, this requires emitting 2184 GT CO2.
    Gasoline generates 2.4kg CO2 per liter.
    So, 9.1*10^14 liters of gasoline generates 8.3*10^14 m^3 increase.
    Now, 1 liter = 1000 cm^3 = 0.001 m^3.
    Thus, 1 liter of gasoline results in 912 liters of sea volume increase.
    That’s in the ballpark of the headline’s claim.

  3. You can make offsets in choclate. 1 kg of chocolate allegedly uses 27,000 litres of water.

    So eating 1 kg of chococlate offsets more than 43 litres of petrol (gasolene). It’s a way to save the planet that all the family will enjoy.

    You know it makes sense™.

  4. I’ve noticed that the more untenable the warmist theorys are, the more such nonsense claims appear. They’re desperate. No?

  5. This is an extraordinary illustration of the sensitivity of the Earth system,” — Well, no, its a classic illustration of Piled Higher and Deeper Syndrome.

  6. Reap the sharknado.

    Or is it that the Everglades would be a vast desert if it weren’t for the Chinese?

  7. See what you can get with a settled, mature science. I clicked on the “See the Graphic” button and was totally convinced and impressed. I wonder how many liters the oceans increased with the preparation and propagation of this truly amazing calculation. The more impressive calculation would be how much of our tax money was totally and irrevocably wasted.

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