Chris Christie: ‘Thinks’ libertarianism ‘is a very dangerous thought’

Yes… thinking citizens are always bad for statism.

Politico reports:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is ripping libertarians – including Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.). – for challenging government surveillance programs and failing to understand the dangers of terrorism.

“This strain of libertarianism that’s going through parties right now and making big headlines I think is a very dangerous thought,” the New Jersey governor said on Thursday at a Republican governors forum in Aspen, Colo. “You can name any number of people and (Paul is) one of them.”

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18 thoughts on “Chris Christie: ‘Thinks’ libertarianism ‘is a very dangerous thought’”

  1. The way to stop terrorist attacks without resorting to spying on your own citizens is simple…accept no immigration from those countries that have and teach that ideology and deport anyone currently here who exhibits an inclination to carry it out. This is a war for our survival folks, time to shove the PC aside and treat the problem at it’s source. What the rest of the world thinks if we take these sensible actions bothers me not one bit.

  2. Christi the outspoken republican messiah who saved New Jersey from financial ruin set up by decades of democrat rule. Now he is a big bud with the POTUS but wants us to think he is a conservative and toys with the idea of running in 2016. Being a playmate of O and a believer of global warming disqualifies him from higher office from my perspective. Calling other names is so democrat yet we are suppose to believe he is a strong supporter of the GOP.

    BTW, why do politicians always have their conferences at exotic places like Aspen, CO. Why not have it in Fargo, ND in January or Corpus Christi, TX in August? It’s paid for with taxpayer dollars so why worry about cost.

  3. Stopping something is a well-defined concept. There’s an attack going on, and I stop it. I’m a hero. These events can be counted, plus/minus perception error. They probably meant prevention.

  4. The only evidence of something that didn’t happen is that it didn’t happen. That is not evidence that it would have happened except for x.

    For example, I could say I stopped a thousand attacks today. How do I know. They didn’t happen did they? Unfortunately, I couldn’t stop the attacks that did happen. Sorry about that but I did stop a thousand others so aren’t we better off?

    This is exactly the same as the gross violation of our rights done by our government in the name of stopping attacks. They were “forced” to strip us of our inalienable rights so they could stop uncounted and undocumented attacks. Their proof? They didn’t happen did they?

    An armed, alert, and free population would be far more effective than the Kabuki Theater being offered by our currently unconstitutional and out of control government.

  5. “We’re stopping some of their attacks with some of these methods”

    How the heck would you know?

    Gathering data on people is a violation of the 4th Amendment. Regardless of the games Washington plays, and regardless of WHETHER OR NOT THEY HAVE STOPPED SOME ATTACKS with the method. It certainly doesn’t matter if it has stopped some attacks. They can’t do it. Unless, a law enforcement agency goes before a judge, presents YOUR name as a suspect, and evidence as to why you are a suspect, and the judge agrees and issues a warrant. FISA Courts unconstitutional blanket warrants not withstanding.

    Additionally, since it is known that the DNC is using data mining in their campaign management, and that the data being gathered by NSA is EXACTLY what DNC would like to analyze, I firmly believe this has nothing to do with security, rather, it’s about populating a database for the Dems.

    Would it be okay for the Feds to read everyone’s mail if it stopped an attack?

  6. Security is a free people armed to the teeth and ready to use them effectively. Not only are they more able, inventive, and productive, they have something worth fighting for. Facing an armed government is bad enough but it is quite a different thing to face that kind of population.

    There is not much difference between being a slave and being dead. That difference is simply a random whim on the part of someone else. That is way a nation of slaves is ultimately a pushover.

  7. Christie is an example of a very dangerous breed of Republican. When it suits his audience he’ll talk of free-market economics and small government. But, when it comes time for action he’ll drop his principles and go with the highest bidder. Ayn Rand always said that Conservative politicians were worse than Liberal ones because the Democrat will tell you they want to seize your wealth and control your actions. However, the Republicans gain your confidence by posturing as your defender while secretly negotiating away your freedom in exchange for political favors across the aisle.

  8. Christie in a nutshell: Libertarianism is dangerous, but I can really get behind socialism if it means getting some of it for New Jersey. He’s clueless if only because the majority of swing votes out there are influenced strongly by libertarian concerns. He’s a truly effective Republican hack placing power over principle, but he bumped up against the that ceiling on this one.

  9. I’m a huge fan of Heinlein as well. I think a kindred spirit to Ayn Rand, albeit a much more accessible one.

    I don’t consider myself objectivist, but it certainly has some guiding principles I admire.

  10. Describing “thought” as being bad is the mistake. There is no Pure anything in humanity whether it is DNA, Race or Politics. Judge each politician on what they espouse.

  11. Ah, Chris Christie. A North Jersey Republican “establishment” putz.

    Yet another Boot-On-Your-Neck Party apparatchik in Drumthwacket.

    Of course this spineless specimen would consider libertarianism “a very dangerous thought.” He knows that given any such alternative to his lifelong “go along to get along” collusion with the National Socialists in Trenton and Washington, the people of New Jersey would grab it in a heartbeat.

  12. Howdy Jim
    I picked up my libertarian streaks from my father and from Robert Heinlein, mostly. I’ve read Atlas Shrugged and that sure reinforced my libertarian streak.
    Thomas Jefferson nailed the core libertarian concept: “…it neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.” There’s legitimate discussion on where those boundaries really are (pollution, zoning, care of private property when it becomes an eyesore). The baseline remains valid.

  13. Remembering that Christie is a pol jockeying for position in what looks to be a crowded field for ’16, I share some of his concerns about the Rand brand of libertarianism. It isn’t what I consider a savvy take on the world. I acquired my libertarian chops from the words of another Rand.

    That said, I retain the same skepticism where Christie is concerned.

  14. Libertarians must be on to something, both major parties are constantly slamming them and painting their ideas as dangerous, crazy, etc.

    Oh yeah, btw, Rand Paul is no libertarian.

  15. I style myself a libertarian and conservative so the governor is hurting his brand with me.
    There is a genuine dilemma involving national security and liberty. Almost everything that enhances national security is a potential threat to liberty, but the bad guys really are out there. We’re stopping some of their attacks with some of these methods and it’s hard for the guardians to know which technique will stop which attack.
    So I don’t have an answer and I wonder who will watch the watchers too. But I’m going to acknowledge that probably most of the watchers believe they are guarding our liberties and our safety, not snooping.

  16. Whenever the MSM starts pushing someone as the next conservative savior, beware. It is not wise to take the advice of your opposition. However, as usual, the Republicans will take the advice and uplift the choices of their opposition. The reason is that the Republicans have been desperately wanting the Democrats to love them since the Civil War and especially wants the Democrats to stop saying bad things about them. Rather like Lucy, Charley Brown, and that famous first football kick of the year, the Republicans keep falling for the same old Democratic Ploy.

    To earn that love and to stop the saying of bad things, the Republicans work to be better Democrats than the Democrats themselves. Hence, no matter if it is a Republican administration or a Democratic administration, government grows and liberty shrinks. This process will end with the government consuming all and with liberty vanishing as if in a dream. Soon after that, civilization will collapse and a very long nightmare begins. See the last century for instructive detail.

    The cure is to shrink government and expand liberty. It can happen. It might after some really bad times. Man can always learn from history and choose a better path. Sadly, history says that outcome is not very likely. We must learn how to give that path a really strong push. The alternative is not as good as grim.

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