Warmist Damage Control: ‘Slowdown in global warming was expected’ — Blame sun, ‘unknowns’

They knew it all along — they just didn’t tell anybody?

Climate News Network reports:

The present slowdown in global warming was expected, UK scientists say, though not for a few years. But they say it is within the range of uncertainty they had foreseen.

So where was the warming slowdown foreseen in climate models?

Spencer Data vs. Models

6 thoughts on “Warmist Damage Control: ‘Slowdown in global warming was expected’ — Blame sun, ‘unknowns’”

  1. If it WARMS, it’s man’s fault. If it does not warm, or God forbid actually COOLS, it’s “natural variations overpowering the man-made signal” and is only expected to persist for a “short time,” however long the aberration lasts, even though we don’t know what causes the aberration. This is a no-lose game for the Warmists….

  2. kuhnkat: They knew it all along, they just uh, uh, uh, forgot to mention it at the time. 😉

  3. Were the 73 climate models all of the models that were published, a representative sample of the available models or were they cherry picked because these 73 models showed the desired results? That’s the kind or question we would ask of the warmists. Only fair that I ask the same of the skeptics.

  4. Uh yeah, they knew it all along, but, they don’t know why…


  5. The US should have filed the Afghan documents with the report that global warming will pause 1998-2018; then no one would have seen them.

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