Bill would block Obama from making ‘secret adjustments’ to social cost of carbon

Why not just ban the concept? There is no such beast as the social cost of carbon.

Sherman Frederick writes in the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

Long gone is the fantasy of Obama being “The One” who would lead us all into enlightenment on race, war and climate change. This administration is doing what all administrations do when democracy and leadership turn against it: ram its agenda home through bureaucratic fiat and executive order.

For example, consider this cloaked agenda that, unfortunately, is getting little attention but will touch the lives of every American. The radical green gremlins on Team Obama are quietly changing regulations to make traditional energy producers look bad and green energy schemes look incredibly good.

Here’s how: Obama minions have embedded within the federal bureaucracy a new formula for quantifying what they call the “social cost of carbon.”

The calculation is little more than a witch-doctor stab in the dark. This is a calculation more for the purpose of creating a political number that can put a regulatory hammer to fossil fuel energy producers. In other words, if you’d like your cooling and heating bills to double, your truck legislated out of existence and the pleasure of filling up at $9 a gallon, this is how the wide-eyed green weenies in the Obama administration plan to bring it to you.

The American people first saw the “social cost of carbon” number in a little-noticed Energy Department rule that boosted efficiency standards for microwave ovens.

Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., has introduced legislation to prevent secret adjustments to the “social cost of carbon” calculations. The Obama folks changed the cost from $23.80 a metric ton in 2015 to $38.

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