Jerusalem Post: The Nazi Roots of the German Greens

The Jerusalem Post reports:

The German Green Party’s legislative action to label Israeli products from the West Bank has cast a spotlight on the role that former Nazis played in creating the party.

Academic and journalistic research over the past five years shows the key role of Nazi figures in the party’s founding and development.

After strong similarities were revealed between an initiative by Germany’s neo-Nazi NPD party last year in a state parliament to demarcate Israeli products and a Green Party federal initiative in the Bundestag to impose a similar system on Israeli goods, critics pointed to the “Brown” — the color symbolizing Nazism – roots of the Green Party in an effort to explain the punitive measure directed at Jewish businesses.

The popular pro-Israel website Lizas Welt tweeted last month, “Not sure what the Greens actually have against Nazis. They even sometimes copy from them.”

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3 thoughts on “Jerusalem Post: The Nazi Roots of the German Greens”

  1. The fact that Nazis were rabid greens is very well documented. Every history of the Nazi movement mentions this and Hitler was a passionate vegan. Himmler was a passionate Green and population control fanatic. Anti-Sematic reaction will not change the facts.

  2. History channel had a program on called, “Nazi Titantic”, that was about how Joseph Goebbles made a Nazi version of the Titanic story to justify the planned invasion of England. At the heart was the notion that White Star Lines and British capitalists “put profit over people” and that only the intervention by the ‘moral’ National Socialists could redeem the British. Why do we keep hearing this tripe?

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