UN climate chief wants Obama to appoint an ‘energy czar’

Reuters reports:

“I do think that an energy czar in the White House would be extraordinarily helpful,” she said. “There has to be someone at a high level in the White House that can actually coordinate all of this and ensure that it gets done.”

It was also very important for the White House to develop the capacity to measure the effects of the reforms, she said.

“There has to be one central place where this is going to be quantified in order for the United States and the world to know what effort the United States is putting in,” she added.

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6 thoughts on “UN climate chief wants Obama to appoint an ‘energy czar’”

  1. The difference being that these Romanovs deserve their fate; the Czar and his family did not.

  2. The IPCC AR5 report is almost ready and the Alarmist are revving up the scary scenarios to coincide with the release later this year. It’s the same behavior as with the AR4 etc… Lots of Money and world control at work.

  3. H’m. The “czar” is supposed to be the Secretary of Energy, if we’re going to have one, which we probably should not.
    The Soviets in their day, and Europe in the last thirty years, demonstrated that command economies may sound good but they work very poorly. The less command you have, the more economy you get.

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