UN Climate Chief: ‘Compared to what science demands, no country is doing enough’

Where’s the warming?

The Oman Tribune reports:

Christiana Figueres, head of the UN Climate Change Secretariat, said countries were on track to agree in 2015 a policy framework to curb greenhouse gas emissions and better enable the poorest nations to adapt to climate change.

She said Obama’s announcement was “very welcome” but that countries needed to do more on the issue of climate change.

“Finally the United States is putting out a menu of very concrete measures,” she said at a meeting of climate change activists in Istanbul.

“But I think the fact remains that compared to what the science demands … no country is doing enough,” she said.

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3 thoughts on “UN Climate Chief: ‘Compared to what science demands, no country is doing enough’”

  1. “Science must not impose any philosophy,
    any more than the telephone must tell
    us what to say.”
    ― G.K. Chesterton

    “Scientists and statisticians Naik interviewed estimated that only 5-20% of observational studies can be replicated. This means not only that a great deal of misleading scientific nonsense is being published, but also that an enormous amount of work is being wasted trying to confirm shoddy work.
    This article is a must-read. Unfortunately, the complete text is behind the Journal’s firewall, available only to subscribers.”

  2. The science is settled, 97% of scientists agree, the UN is out to save the earth. Therefore, if she says the science damands it, who are we mere mortals to question that?

  3. First, science “demands” nothing but being truthful, and the UN’s climate brigade has betrayed science in that regard. Societies demand, people demand, but science does not demand policy.
    Second, the science we have does not support the idea that human activity drives climate. Human activity has created real pollution problems like soot and industrial wastes in rivers; it has also produced wealthier societies with higher standards of living. But it hasn’t driven climate.

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