UN: Advertising food that children will eat has been ‘disastrously effective’

Although that headline was originally meant as sarcasm, on second thought, it may be entirely accurate.

Reuters reports:

The marketing of unhealthy foods to children has proven “disastrously effective”, driving obesity by using cheap social media channels to promote fat-, salt- and sugar-laden foods, the World Health Organisation’s Europe office said on Tuesday.

The United Nations health agency called for tighter controls on such marketing, saying tougher regulations were crucial to winning the fight against childhood obesity.

One might think the World Health Organization would have its hands full trying to feed children who don’t have enough food — as opposed to applying its junk science-based nanny-ism to children for whom “food security” is not an actual problem.

4 thoughts on “UN: Advertising food that children will eat has been ‘disastrously effective’”

  1. Hasn’t the food industry always advertised this type of food? How many people over 50 never heard of Twinkies, sugary cereals, Kool-aid, hot dogs, potato chips? How many of these people were never overweight?What was different then was parents said “NO” and meant it. Stop blaming advertisers for doing what advertisers do: sell stuff. If people have become too lazy to think and act for themselves, obesity is the very least of our problems.

  2. Its all the fault of those rich white American children that have too much, live too free, and pollute the world. Time to bring them down a notch and make them starve like the millions in Africa, and Asia. If you believe that, I have land in Florida that is top real estate for sale to highest bidder.

  3. Increasing food supplies to those in need is hard work. It may also require a change in the prohibitions against pesticides and GMO foods. It would also result in higher populations. Chirping about those who have a food surplus is easy and gets press coverage.

  4. The real problem is likely LCD screens. Kids aren’t getting the exercise they used to because their sitting down fixated on a video game, TV, smart phone, computer, iPAD or some such other electronic device. As one doctor recently put it, the biggest enemy to people health is the couch.

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