Peter Gleick on climate: Today, part of Alaska is hotter than Florida

Peter Stealing-Heartland-Institute-documents-was-a-“serious lapse of my own and professional judgment and ethics” Gleick tweeted a serious lapse of scientific judgment today by trying to label weather as climate change.

Gleick tweeted:

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 2.46.40 PM

12 thoughts on “Peter Gleick on climate: Today, part of Alaska is hotter than Florida”

  1. My daughter in Anchorage reminds me every now and then that it is warmer there than in Richmond, VA. I’m not a sophisticated climate scientist so I failed to associate infrequent positive daily temperature differences as climate. The first week on May, it was warmer in SW Michigan than in Richmond, but we had climate change and Richmond has been warmer since.

  2. Guys, he is looking at an ANOMALY chart and apparently assuming it is absolute temps!!! The color range is only 12 units.

    Above the chart the small letters are:

    NCEP GFS 500 hPo Geospot Height Normalized Anoms [Units: std devs] Min: -3.9 | Max: 3.7



  3. Some parts of Alaska get quite hot during the brief summer. So, as Don E mentions, blips like this will happen. Once in a while, Billings is warmer than Tucson.

  4. I was in Fairbanks on December 24 either in 1960 or 1961. It was 45 above in Fairbanks and 20 above in Florida. They lost the orange crop. So it can happen.

  5. The “hotter in Alaska” he’s referring to is the insults on Sarah Palin’s facebook.

  6. In ANY other scientific discipline a crook like Gleick would be stripped of all his possible credentials and kicked out of his job, but in climate “science” just any fraud just qualifies for applause and admiration on account of opinions, not knowledge! Don’t these individuals feel any kind of ordinary shame or remorse!!

  7. Did Gleick send out a tweet when the Nenana Ice Classic set a record for latest ice break up this year due to a persistent cold winter in Alaska?

  8. Isn’t that an anomaly map rather than temperature map? A higher than average temperature in Alaska does not necessarily make it hotter than Florida.

  9. Weather is CLIMATE when it SUPPORTS the wackado Globull Warming true believers deeply held BELIEFS.

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