Scotland misses CO2 target by 1%; Enviros ‘deeply disappointed’

The 800,000-ton miss represents about 0.0000022% of global emissions.

The Scottish government admitted that it had missed its target for 2011 by 0.8m tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e), for the second year running…

Sam Gardner, for the Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, an umbrella group for dozens of environment groups, charities, trade unions and church groups, said the missed target was deeply disappointing.

“We recognise that this is due in part to complicated changes on how we count our emissions, but the headline of another missed target strongly underlines the need for a much tougher climate action plan, expected out later this month, that will drive down emissions year on year and give confidence that future targets can be met.

“With increasingly tougher targets in the future, ministers must up their game if Scotland is to deliver on climate justice and is to reap the rewards of the transition to a low carbon future.”

Read more at the Guardian.

One thought on “Scotland misses CO2 target by 1%; Enviros ‘deeply disappointed’”

  1. “….deliver on climate justice….”.

    “Justice” – the most overused word in Marxism. I wonder what it means? Hmm. Probably anything you want it to mean.

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