The Great Warmist Hope: Twitter

Warmists operate under the delusion that they haven’t clearly communicated their thoughts to the public.

From the Yale Forum on Climate Change and the Media’s
It’s Time for Scientists to Tweet“:

Social media can be a powerful tool to speed up how scientists create, publish and communicate their research. As climate change, globalisation and technology change our world faster than ever before, it’s time scientists learn to keep pace.

3 thoughts on “The Great Warmist Hope: Twitter”

  1. Those characters of course hope no one notices that what they call the ‘dissemination of information’ is in reality the unquestioned absorption of propaganda. Tweets from AGW scientists would be a one-way street, as @MichaelEMann so ably demonstrates in his blocks of people who question his assertions.

  2. Pretty standard liberal think. “If they don’t accept doing things my way, they must not understand me.” Many leftists can’t allow the possibility that people can understand their agenda and still reject it.

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