5 thoughts on “Reverend warmist demands Google ‘pledge to never fund denier groups again’”

  1. We should all remember that hypocrites like Rev. Ball were the ones who tied Giordano Bruno to the stake and burned him to death and later on condemned Galileo Galilei (which they retracted in 1943, to be sure). He is simply using religion to grab power – he does not care a bit about climate or environment!

  2. Preacher Ball wants some of that climate money and you can bet he’s cuddling up to them in anticipation of some bucks coming his way. What kind of preacher would say that God punishes people for trying to prosper and improve their lots in life? Wanna bet Ball has lots of nice stuff and doesn’t deny himself much?

  3. Preach the WORD, Brother, PREACH THE WORD!!! Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah! PREACH THE WORD!!!

    Another AGW-er clearly displaying that AGW is a religious BELIEF, a matter of FAITH; and is NOT base on observation and facts. And if someone does not agree with AGW, he will call them names (showing how DEEP his Christan “faith” is).

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