Howard Dean on skeptics: ‘No need to talk to them anymore. We’re just going to run ‘em over’

At Netroots Nation on Thursday, the former Vermont governor said:

I heard a great program on CurrentTV yesterday about people who deny climate change, and I’m in favor of what their solution was. We don’t have to talk to them anymore about stuff that’s not true and this propaganda that’s a lie. We’re just going to run ‘em over. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

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19 thoughts on “Howard Dean on skeptics: ‘No need to talk to them anymore. We’re just going to run ‘em over’”

  1. People like you amaze me. Dean supports every aspect of the Donk agenda including the cAGW hoax with ZEAL. You’d have to blind to even think that he wouldn’t.

  2. “But our computer models confirm the dire consequences of human affects on future climate!!” or, as one wag calls it – PlayStation Climatology.

  3. “So, the Junkscience program to deal with the enemy is to shoot him dead. Got it!”

    More like Claire Wolf’s observation (1996):

    “America is at that awkward stage; it’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.”

    Consider instead that Dr. Mengele – er, Dean – has made it clear that the bastards are declaring open season on themselves.

    Y’see the difference?

  4. “I can’t help what some skeptics think. AGW is decidedly left-wing and is agenda driven – it is clear from their writings.”

    Yeah, it’s clear from the warmists’ writings that they’re determined to destroy western civilization. The United Nations’ Agenda 21 puts the leftist authoritarians’ objectives and strategy into plain language.

    The point is that there are a few – very few – leftie-luzers who are educated in the sciences and have been working in fields where scrupulous adherence to scientific method is necessary, and a very few of these people have – in spite of their political leanings toward collectivist authoritarianism – reluctantly confronted the fact that the AGW contention has never been supported by valid evidence that anthropogenic atmospheric emissions of CO2 has caused (or could ever cause) significant adverse global climate change.

    Even though these left-leaning enemies of individual human rights and government limited by the rule of law are still determined to see their neighbors and countrymen pillaged and enslaved by way of socialism, they’ve yet got a few tattered shreds of intellectual integrity when it comes to the various scientific disciplines in which they’re formally educated, and thus they’ve expressed – reluctantly – a sort of milk-and-water opposition to the warmists’ quackery.

  5. I can’t help what some skeptics think. AGW is decidedly left-wing and is agenda driven – it is clear from their writings. Their ultimate agenda is a goal of global deindustrialization. Since that is too far out there, they take shorter steps like trying to reduce and then eliminate fossil fuel use by making a false premise that we are “destroying the planet” with our use of fossil fuels. That is a red herring, and completely false of course, but when did a leftie worry about lying? after all it is pure Saul Alinsky – tell a lie often, and never admit your wrong, and eventually enough low information loons will believe it.

  6. “Many skeptics refuse to even acknowledge AGW as a left-wing policy movement. How do you explain that?”

    Many skeptics are themselves “left-wing” – supporters of our National Socialist Democrat American Party (NSDAP) here in these United States and various similarly socialist political factions in other countries.

    What has to be understood in this partisan environment is that what we have in the great “man-made global climate change” bogosity is not simply a move being made by government thugs to pillage the private sector (and thus predominantly “left-wing”) but also the most costly and destructive fraud in the history of the science.

    For more than thirty years, the warmist “climate consensus” charlatans have wreaked havoc in the mechanism of peer review in the referee’d scientific literature, they have subjected editorial personnel to concerted schemes of extortion, they have destroyed the integrity of scientific conferences, and they have drawn from the public purse funds rendered as grants-in-aid for “research” on the basis of assertions they knew to be false.

    This constitutes theft of value by fraud, and thus what we have is not only violation of professional ethical standards but overt criminality.

    What you should be asking is why more left-leaning individuals with scientific educations have not come forward to attack this incredible mountain of lies.

    Have these “Liberals” no moral or intellectual integrity at all?

    Yeah, I know. Moot question.

  7. Bob’s response is the way to go after the Marxist frauds– paint them as stifling dissent and discussion. Any time any meteorologist gives an interview they must say somewhere in their first 2 sentences that “climate change advocates are stifling any dissent and discussion about this important topic” and go on to give a quick example or 2 such as Howard Dean’s comment and some actual repercussions taken by the AMS. They can then go on to the real science of today in which we’re getting colder, the ocean cycles, the sun and ad infinitum–that’s the way they took over the discussion in the general public’s eye, that’s the way it has to be taken back. Especially in regards to influencing young minds who have already been force fed trash science for years. They won’t believe your numbers and facts unless you first tear down their false idols by speaking their lingo.

  8. I supported Governor Dean’s run for president. He is terrific. Thus I am shagrined that he supports a talking point with no substance to back it up: the skeptic lie according to the talking point. It was Dr. Mann who lied with his Hockey Stick according to Dr. Mann’s own work. His goodness of fit measures are near zero.

    I ask Governor Dean to review Ken Burns’ brilliant documentary on the Central Park Jogger case where everybody knew that the five boys were guilty even though the case suffered meriad inconsistensies. DNA settled the matter as to the true rapist.

  9. The totalitarians cannot brook dissent of any kind. Going after folks who are skeptical of their claims to be able to control the climate is just one facet of the leftist desire for control. Dean, like a bunch of the wealthy, is opposed to the very things that made his wealth, but he doesn’t seem to be too inclined to give it up.

  10. “We don’t have to talk to them anymore about stuff that’s not true and this propaganda that’s a lie. We’re just going to run ‘em over. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do.”

    Oh, good!

    Now we can quit dealing with these climate charlatans as if they were anything but vermin, and deal with them accordingly.

    Shoot, shovel, and shut up.

    Er, they are aware that those of us on the skeptical side are the ones who defend the unalienable individual human right to keep and bear arms, and are therefore not only armed but prepared to make use of the technology in public discourse?

    When all else fails, folks (and according to Dr. Mengele – er, Dean, it has), we can always vote from the rooftops.

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