Meteorological Soc. President plays race card against wrong opponent

The only racism relevant to the environment is the WaPo-reported history full of “racist and exclusionary practices” among enviro groups.

In “Does climate change disproportionately do harm to African-Americans?” MSNBC reports:

Dr. J. Marshall Shepherd, president of the American Meteorological Society and director of the Atmospheric Sciences program at the University of Georgia, says air pollution is a problem in communities of color, where substandard air can contribute to a multitude of health problems.

“In the era of climate change cities will warm faster with greater density than rural areas.” These high temperatures increase the risk of respiratory problems, heat-related stress and other illnesses.

“Blacks are 30 percent more likely to have asthma than whites,” says Shepherd.

There is no credible evidence that American ambient air — even in urban areas — hurts anyone, whether black, white, brown or whatever. Blacks may indeed be more likely to have asthma than whites, but the reasons are not understood — but it certainly has nothing to do with global warming. Cities are warmer because of the urban heat island effect — not global warming. Finally, air quality and climate change are not at all the same issue.

4 thoughts on “Meteorological Soc. President plays race card against wrong opponent”

  1. The lethal particles in the air in the poor parts of Chicago are bullets not air pollution. Father’s Day weekend these lethal particles killed 7 people and maimed 41. Compared to them, air pollution is benign.

  2. People who are poorer tend to live in less desirable areas. It’s what they can afford. People who are black are over-represented among those who are poor. Anything that harms the poor will harm people who are black and people who are Hispanic more than people who are white or Asian.
    Energy poverty will harm poor people far more than chimerical global warming.
    People who are poor are concentrated in urban areas. Interestingly enough, so are wealthy people. The economic extremes may not be equally exposed to city air pollution, but they probably get more of it than middle-class suburbanites.

  3. Was just a matter of time, wasnt it? Is this kind of nonsense ever going to stop. I got an idea. lets look at the proportion of afro americans that grew up in cities that excel physically at the sport of their choosing ( note, choosing, which goes along with FREEDOM, something the agw side is determined to shut down) vs their counterparts and I guess we will find that not only does it lead to more asthma, but also greater athletic excellence at times. Wait a minute, my goodness I just gave them an argument for more extremes being caused by the global warming that is not occurring.

    I guess I am racist now for calling him out on this obvious attempt to divert attention from the fact they THEY ARE BUSTING and wasting our nations time and treasure on a scam that hurts the poor and needy more than anything else

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