Any global warming since 1978? Two climate experts debate

John Nielson Gammon vs. Fred Singer.

Nielson-Gammon says:

In summary, the reported land surface temperature trends over the land portions of the globe since 1978 are about +0.5 F/decade if measured directly, and they are around +0.3 to +0.4 F/decade if we use independent methods immune to urban heat islands. Ocean-only and land+ocean temperatures are rising, too, but at a somewhat lower rate.

Fred Singer says:

Still, taken together, the data reveals a consistent and convincing picture of near-zero warming trends in the tropical troposphere –i.e., absence of an observed “hot spot”. Coupled with a modeled trend “amplification”’ of about 2, this suggests an extremely low value for the land surface trend – hence low values of climate sensitivity to increases in CO2.

Read more at Forbes.

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