Life-Imitates-Fiction Quiz: EPA: M*A*S*H as Richard Windsor:?

EPA invented and honored Ricard Windsor. On the first season of the TV show M*A*S*H, Hawkeye and Trapper John invented and honored what fictional character?

From Wikipedia:

To get some additional supplies for the local orphanage, Hawkeye and Trapper invent a fictional Captain Tuttle (based on Hawkeye’s imaginary friend from childhood). The deception slowly grows until everyone at the 4077th believes Tuttle to be a real person, and the situation worsens when General Clayton decides to award Tuttle a medal and put his picture in the newspaper. Hawkeye and Trapper end their problems by faking Tuttle’s death and claiming that he had asked for all of his back pay to be donated to the orphanage. As the episode ends, they joke with each other about where they got a pair of boots they used for the faked death – from the equally fictional Major Murdock.

One thought on “Life-Imitates-Fiction Quiz: EPA: M*A*S*H as Richard Windsor:?”

  1. Ah, yes, Captain Tuttle.

    Having been amused by that MASH episode, I used Captain Tuttle’s name when I created bogus accounts on systems I hacked back in the 80s. I could just imagine the IT wizards asking each other, “Who is Captain Tuttle?” System security was one of my many hats; I was just doing my job.

    Some systems were involved with something so sensitive, I’m too afraid to even tell you now. I reported these systems’ security weakness to the lead engineer, but I never got any feedback from him. I assumed he was just to embarrassed to say anything.

    Sometimes, like now, I wonder if Captain Tuttle still has accounts on those systems, or if those systems even exist anymore.

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