4 thoughts on “EPA Honors Fake Employee”

  1. Oh, gosh, what a hoot. A fake e-mail address winds up with certificates for ethical learning! And let me remind our readers that, on the internet, at least one Richard Windsor is the nom-de-web of a provider of S&M material. (My apologies to the no doubt thousands of Richard Windsors who have nothing to do with that.)

  2. What I find most amusing is that these required certifications were for ethics and IT poliies, which as a matter of form, certainly preclude false identities and sharing paswords.

    The confusing thing is that it would be easy as pie to have her public
    LJackson@EPA.gov and then a EPAHeadJackson@EPA.gov or some other nonsense that doesn’t follow naming conventions as a private e-mail, accomplishing the same thing while not including deception. Oddly, they chose the more complicatied and fraudelent method for no apparent reason aside from to hide from FOIA.

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