Hansen Makes Bizarre Carbon Tax Appeal to GOP

Hansen says a Democrat-designed carbon tax would simply enlarge the government — a problem since”government never, seldom, makes the right choices.” So the GOP ought introduce a redistributive carbon tax? Really?

Read more at the Denver Post.

4 thoughts on “Hansen Makes Bizarre Carbon Tax Appeal to GOP”

  1. If people will not choose Hansen’s low-carbon ideas, and they won’t, and if the government isn’t going to make the right choices, and Hansen’s right about that, that leaves — well, what does Hansen want?

  2. Hansen’s hypocrisy is becoming the stuff of legend. Does he not remember the explosive enlargement of his very own budget at NASA GISS, under his watch, right after his stagecraft testimony in 1988? Does he even realize that his meal ticket, NASA GISS, is part of ‘the government’?

    Hansen is the gift that keeps on giving.

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