Harvard’s Walter Willett mixes food nanny-ism with Agenda 21

For those unfamiliar with Walter Willett, he once told the Washington Post that:

Anyone who cares about their health or the health of their family would not consume these beverages. Parents who care about their children’s health should not keep them at home.

Willett was also the engineer behind the trans fat railroad — or why you can’t get a decent doughnut anymore.

Now Willet is trying to mix his food nanny-ism with “sustainability” (aka Agenda 21). From the Harvard Gazette:

With an eye toward human-induced climate change, Willett showed an analysis of the greenhouse gas production required to produce different foods. Beef and lamb were the highest, producing 10 times the greenhouse gases used by the lowest-producing foods, beans and nuts. When looking at protein sources, Willett said that greenhouse gas production per pound of protein is related to how long an animal lives before it is slaughtered. The difference between a cow, which lives two to four years, and a chicken, whose life span from egg to slaughter is just weeks, makes chicken, from a greenhouse gas standpoint, more like a nut than a cow.
The lesson, Willett said, is that in making menu choices, the healthy option and the environmentally sustainable one are often the same.

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  1. The well entrenched Global Warming alarm is designed to deal with the ultimate dilemma…overpopulation that is killing the Earth. The master toolkit is a worldwide blueprint called UN Agenda 21 (I call it “UN Agenocide 21”), signed by G.H.W. Bush in June 1992 along with 178 other countries, shortly after he declared this:
    “It is the sacred principles enshrined in the United Nations charter to which the American people will henceforth pledge their allegiance.” (George H. W. Bush, addressing the General Assembly of the U.N., February 1, 1992.) http://www.wnd.com/2005/01/28360/

    Did you know you did that?

    Full-blown Communists drafted the UN Charter. Now Agenda 21 is seamlessly woven into every relevant U.S. statute and regulation, with the full backing of Congress and each President since G.H.W. Bush.

    The real problem, bottomline, that no one will touch, is that world population is expected to reach 10.5 billion by 2050. In order to feed it, we must at least double food production. That means CO2 emissions will dramatically rise, not fall. Water shortages will be unsolvable. See the problem?
    You and I are not “sustainable”. This is Agenda 21. This is the UN Global Biodiversity Assessment Report (Heywood and Watson) 1995 with annual updates and the Convention on Global Biodiversity Treaty (Clinton signed a modified version in 1993 but Congress never ratified after it was recommended for a vote by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, thus, it technically is still pending). Go to the UN Population Fund (UNFPA). It’s all there. The iron fist of Communism and Fabian Socialism (Fascism) is needed to implement it.

    Just exactly what the powers that be intend to do about us useless eaters is a little more complicated….but do not rest assured that they will do nothing.

    Good luck, Comrades.

  2. All well and good, and reasonable objections to the assinine statements, but Milloy, even I’m getting tired of the Agenda 21 meme. It never had much weight, and realistically, isn’t going to convince anyone of anything. You’d do better dropping that from the title of anything not directly UN related.

  3. actually many of these people just want to rule, somehow they have some notion they are smarter and better qualified to rule over others, using so called humanitarian ideals to hide behind is all this is, not saying a few of the underlings are not sincere but when did sincereity have anything to do with right or wrong? anyway I noticed that anything that makes man happy and properous is targeted with all kinds of hype to demonize it, I noticed they don’t demonize the wars going on as creating more green house gases or other damage to the enviorments, (like dumping military waste into the oceans or cruise ships dumping their garbage at sea use of massives amount of much more dirty diesle oil then gasoline etc) and I noticed they don’t speak about how much gas they produce with all their galavanting around in their private jets and limosines and big mansions, they don’t even mention all the trash being dumped on the thrid world nations and how it is harming not just humans but the fish and whales and dolphines, but hey that would not help their cause in stealing peoples property rights now would it.? usa and other wealthier nations are the traget for destruction under the cover of sustainable development or whatever anyone wants to call it these thrid world nations don’t have anything for them to steal.

  4. Contrary to their claims organic farmers contribute significantly to methane gas production. Methane is an inevitable by product of composting. While composting is ideally aerobic there is inevitably a portion of carbon matter than undergoes anaerobic decomposition producing methane. Methane is a more powerful greenhouse gas than CO2. Consumers that choose organic foods are unwittingly contributing more to “global warming” than their conventional food consumers.

  5. “The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. The former are idealists acting from highest motives for the greatest good of the greatest number. ” (Robert A. Heinlein)
    Willett has bought into the Tyranny of Idealism and volunteered to become a petty tyrant ‘for the cause’. What he and the rest of the petty tyrants fail to realize is that “the greatest good of the greatest number” can be served by NOT trying to run their lives for them.

  6. Prof debunks flatulence as major cause of global warming

    In 2006, the United Nations concluded that the livestock industry was a big contributor to climate change.

    In its report “Livestock’s Long Shadow,” the U.N. concluded that livestock were contributing 18 percent of the world’s greenhouse gases — allegedly more than the entire world’s transpiration.
    The U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change used the report to forecast that Himalayan glaciers might vanish within 25 years.

    Mitloehner convinced the U.N. to recant its claim in 2010.


  7. Catastrophist scientists vow
    Give them funds, and they’ll “stop climate” now
    No matter the cost
    Or lives that are lost
    Are they more like a nut, or a cow?

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  8. MT Geoff; your last paragraph says it all. Best description of “sustainability” I’ve read anywhere.

  9. H’m. Fresh vegetables are available here in Billings only because they come from places where they can be grown. We’re too dry and, for much of the year, too chilly for many of the foods this guy wants me to eat.
    If I were almost entirely a locovore, it would be bread, corn, meat, dairy, and sugar. Very limited amounts of carrots and other high-water items.
    As long as “sustainability” is based in a scarcity mentality, rather than an attitude of good stewardship, it will fail. Taking a lot of charitable and tax money with it.

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