German government climate adviser claims 2-degree target is science-based

Das ist nicht richtig

Oliver Geden writes in the Guardian:

Compared to its influence on other public policies and national-level policymaking, the influence of science on international climate policy has always been relatively strong, both in terms of defining basic causal chains as well as in setting the short- to medium-term agenda. The 2°C target and the emissions budgets derived from it are only the most visible expressions of this.

The 2-degree target is entirely arbitrary, “plucked out of thin air” as Phil Jones described it.

2 thoughts on “German government climate adviser claims 2-degree target is science-based”

  1. Two degrees? Science based? Oh, sure it is. These people will pull any numbers out of the air to further their point.

  2. According to socialist dogma, everything is science based as long as 97% fake concensus in enforced.

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