Warmists cheer misuse of Montreal Protocol

HFCs don’t thin the ozone layer, but they are greenhouse gases. The Montreal protocol is about ozone depletion — can it really be used for global warming as well? Like EPA’s abuse of the Clean Air Act for greenhouse gases, the Montreal Protocol is being similarly expanded.

Read more at Reuters.

2 thoughts on “Warmists cheer misuse of Montreal Protocol”

  1. They are only greenhouse gasses IF you pretend they are lighter than air and will “WAFT” (official government term used to describe how big long heavy molecules float up rather than settle down.)
    They were the purge agent used in the tanks that sampled high altitude air…not mentioned at the time of the studies….because they knew that the only way a flourocarbon can get into the stratasphere is to carry it there in an airplane.
    Forest service used to track the fire plume by looking for when the flourocarbons settled out from the heated plume……….

    They can not be a green house gas if they do not magically rise up into the air!!!!!

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