WashPost Hypes Piece Declaring ‘Climate Change Is Killing Us’

“The liberal media’s paranoia that “climate change” will have disastrous consequences for our planet has reached new heights in an May 31 article in the front section of The Washington Post. In a 14-paragraph piece for the Washington Forum opinion page, the Post carried the lament of Phillip Muller, the foreign minister of the Marshall Islands, to groan that the very livelihood of his people is in jeopardy.”

Read more at Newsbusters.

2 thoughts on “WashPost Hypes Piece Declaring ‘Climate Change Is Killing Us’”

  1. Whoopie do. Compare the climate change of the last 100 years to the climate change over the same period of time just before the Younger Dryas cold period when temperatures rose about 20F in 100 years and fell even farther over the next several hundred years. The modest warmth over the last 100 years barely even registers on the “oh no” scale.

  2. An island may disappear or lose area due to its own subsidence with no reference to overall ocean levels. That may be what’s threatening the Marshalls. If so, it’s a problem beyond human control.
    The Marshalls were a US dependency until recently. Apparently they remain one even if they have the trappings of sovereignty.

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