Warmist Katharine Hayhoe: “We can’t ‘just stick to the facts’ anymore”

“I’ve been affected by climate change.”

From her interview with the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists:

BAS: Did you worry that you might be taken less seriously as a scientist if you spoke out about your beliefs and concerns?

Hayhoe: As scientists, we’re trained to just stick to the facts. With climate change, we can’t do that anymore. I’ve been affected by climate change; my family has been affected; my city has been affected. At some point, we have to take off our scientist hat and put on our human hat. I feel that by putting my biases and perspectives out in the public domain, so that everybody knows where I’m coming from and what I believe, it actually provides the basis for a more accurate evaluation of my science.

7 thoughts on “Warmist Katharine Hayhoe: “We can’t ‘just stick to the facts’ anymore””

  1. Not “sticking to the facts” is by definition, lying. Ms. Hayhoe may want to check the 10 commandments…

  2. How has she been affected or her family? Surely not by droughts or other weather which has always occurred. Maybe somebody should start a fear campaign about the days getting longer or shorter and when they say that always happens the reply would be “so has climate change.”

  3. Hey, Katharine: “Render unto natural occurances what belongs to natural occurances….”

  4. So she admits that emotion stress caused by fear of personal experiences has impacted her ability to only deal with scientific facts.

  5. It is a very accurate evaluation of her science. IT IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED.
    Thank you for simplifying things Ms. Hayhoe

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