Warmist Katharine Hayhoe: Americans not Christian because ‘we are hogging the world’s resources’

From her interview with the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists:

BAS: Climate change raises some profound issues of equity, such as the fact that those who are least responsible for causing climate change will be most affected. How does your faith influence how you see such moral questions?

Hayhoe: It’s essential to it. Science and fact can tell us that climate is changing, that human activities are the main cause of that change, and that we are going to be experiencing increasingly severe and dangerous impacts if we continue down our current pathway. But science can’t tell us what to do. That’s where our values have to come in.

In our Christian faith, we know that one of our core values is to love our neighbor. Clearly we are not doing that. We are hogging the world’s resources; we are running through them at an increasing rate; we are producing all kinds of impacts on the planet that are disproportionately affecting the poor and the disadvantaged.

5 thoughts on “Warmist Katharine Hayhoe: Americans not Christian because ‘we are hogging the world’s resources’”

  1. Oh boy. Ms. Hayhoe is one of the ungodliest creatures one has heard of lately. Her and her gang’s cynical doings to prevent the poor from getting bread on their table and cheap energy is so cruel one cannot find words to describe

  2. So loving our neighbor means selling them a scam and trying to turn the world into a UN utopia? She must have read a different Bible than I did. My guess is she does not live in a 900 sq ft house and the church is not conducted outdoors in a tent, so she has not trouble “hogging” her own resources. There is a Biblical term for that type of behaviour.

  3. So, the People of mainland China are all Christians now? Last I heard they were doing a retty good jhb on devouring resources.

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