UN Weather Chief: Natural variability overcoming manmade warming

But warmists postulate that manmade emissions drive global climate change.

“Michel Jarraud, Secretary-General of the WMO, said natural variability – like the La Nina/ El Nino pattern in the Pacific – means global warming will not necessarily make each year successively warmer than the last.”

Read more at the Telegraph.

5 thoughts on “UN Weather Chief: Natural variability overcoming manmade warming”

  1. Junk science! Science without proof is merely religion relying on the faith and hope and bullying superstition. It is a State sponsored religious cult! Here is my best evidence against The greenhouse theory. It is assumed that all heat comes from the sun. (If this was true, Antarctica Would be the hottest place on earth having received sunlight for four months continuously.) Check any database (like Wikipedia, NASA, ect.) on the solar system. Write down all the Gravitational bodies and place them according to their surface heat Temperature from highest to lowest. See the pattern? Jupiter is five times hotter then the surface (photosphere) of the Sun! Venus is hotter than the sun side of Mercury! The surface heat has a direct relationship to the thickness of the atmospheres. Earth and moon are in the same orbit. They are subject to the same natural forces So they should be close to the same average temperatures. Only half of the Suns heat can penetrate Earths atmosphere and yet, the mean temperature is hotter than the moon with no atmosphere. That is scientifically impossible under the current accepted model. On the other hand, they ignore the well-established principle that temperature rises 5.4° On average, per every thousand feet you rise in the air to the troposphere. The conclusion is overwhelming and Repeatable. Earth’s atmosphere does not hold in the heat (greenhouse), By dynamic friction, it makes the heat! The evidence of five other planets cannot be ignored. Just as on earth it can’t be ignored that the equator with the thickest atmosphere is much hotter than the poles With the thinnest. The Arctic, Which is at sea level, melts. The Antarctic, with an average height of over 10,000 feet, rarely gets above freezing!
    The best example of this phenomenon is Venus. 98% of the Suns energy is reflected off the thick methane clouds surrounding It. Just under those clouds the temperature has been measured by the satellites orbiting
    Venus at 200° below zero. The surface of Venus is 860°, over 90 Earth atm, the equivalent pressure of being a half of mile under the ocean. The deepest crater on Venus is near 900°… The average temperature of the closest planet to the Sun, with no atmosphere, is 500°. I rest my case.

  2. Political strategic retreat but the same warmist Mantra:.Gone IPCCs UN Rajendra Pajouri,enter Michel Jannot from WMO(World Met Org-UN).
    WMO is at the root of the climatic apocalypse, the beginnings of the global warming movement.. In their Geneva meeting they became the self appointed police whose job was to predict and prevent man made climate changes.!.So, they became politicos rather than scientists. Not surprising some of them misused their science to implement political goals.
    Stalin or Hitler would envy the amount of power given to them!

  3. Of course you’d be right if the AGW/CAGW/CACC/CACD agenda was about the planet’s well-being. To the degree that the agenda is about well-being, it’s not important.
    Many of the agenda’s drivers, though, are far more interested in reaching into our showers and adjusting our water temperature because they enjoy doing it. Since they are driven by their love of power over you and me, as their predecessors have been for centuries, facts only annoy them rather than changing their minds.

  4. We are so far from the old cries of “catastrophic” warming now – which brings up the question “If it’s not catastrophic, why are we worried about it?”

    This is a great argument to use, by the way. When one believer tried to disavow the “catastrophic” label, I asked him what all the fuss was about. There is no response – it’s either “catastrophic” or not important….

  5. It sounds like the UN is avoiding the conclusion that human activity is a very small forcing in a very big and widely variable system of forcings. If he acknowledges that the human role in climate is small, he undercuts one of the major “progressive” agendas.

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