UN Weather Chief: ‘Meteorologists must work harder to find out what is causing global warming’

You mean, the science isn’t settled? The debate isn’t over? Al Gore was wrong?

He said meteorologists must work harder to find out what is causing global warming to slow down and predict what will happen in future.”

“We need to better understand how much of the extra heat captured by greenhouse gases is being stored in the oceans and the consequences this brings in terms of ocean acidification and other impacts. We need to know more about the temporary cooling effects of pollution and other aerosols emitted into the atmosphere. We also need a better understanding of the changing behaviour of extreme weather and climate events as a consequence of global warming, and we need to assist countries in the most affected areas to better manage climate-related risks with improved climate early warning and climate watch systems.” he added.

Read more at The Telegraph.

3 thoughts on “UN Weather Chief: ‘Meteorologists must work harder to find out what is causing global warming’”

  1. Follow the money; all he wants is to get more tax payer dollars to pay his high salary so he can keep the fraud alive.

  2. He should just get off his bottom and go outside during the day. But I guess that would be too easy and would not allown him to maintain his bogus self-esteem.

  3. Understanding climate will be very valuable. It does what it does inspite of human activity; more understanding should improve adaptation.
    As the weather chief goes off into pollution and warming, though, we see him moving from science to politics and watermelon politics at that.
    M. Jaurraud is French and France is, largely, a watermelon nation. All the EU nations are, to some degree or another. Since he almost certainly sees the world through watermelon-colored glasses, we need to interpret his statements accordingly.

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