Top Science Journal Rebukes Harvard’s Top Nutritionist

But has been exposing Walter Willett since the 1990s.

Trevor Butterworth writes:

In an extraordinary editorial and feature article, Nature, one of the world’s pre-eminent scientific journals, has effectively admonished the chair of the Harvard School of Public Health’s nutrition department, Walter Willett, for promoting over-simplification of scientific results in the name of public health and engaging in unseemly behavior towards those who venture conclusions that differ to his.

Read more at Forbes.

Click for a September 2002 exchange in the Wall Street Journal between Willett and Steve Milloy.

2 thoughts on “Top Science Journal Rebukes Harvard’s Top Nutritionist”

  1. The publication in question strikes at the orthodoxy of the food nannies and, more importantly, could reduce future funding. It puts a whole industry on shaky ground. Do you think NPR will offer the Forbe’s article to counterbalance Willet?

  2. The “obesity paradox” confounds and confuses the food nannies. They feel compelled to drive a stake through it’s overweight but healthy heart.

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