Top Science Journal Rebukes Harvard’s Top Nutritionist

But has been exposing Walter Willett since the 1990s.

Trevor Butterworth writes:

In an extraordinary editorial and feature article, Nature, one of the world’s pre-eminent scientific journals, has effectively admonished the chair of the Harvard School of Public Health’s nutrition department, Walter Willett, for promoting over-simplification of scientific results in the name of public health and engaging in unseemly behavior towards those who venture conclusions that differ to his.

Read more at Forbes.

Click for a September 2002 exchange in the Wall Street Journal between Willett and Steve Milloy.

2 thoughts on “Top Science Journal Rebukes Harvard’s Top Nutritionist”

  1. The “obesity paradox” confounds and confuses the food nannies. They feel compelled to drive a stake through it’s overweight but healthy heart.

  2. The publication in question strikes at the orthodoxy of the food nannies and, more importantly, could reduce future funding. It puts a whole industry on shaky ground. Do you think NPR will offer the Forbe’s article to counterbalance Willet?

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