Global Warming Skeptics Rebut Face the Nation Segment on Climate Change and Moore Tornado

CBS’s Face the Nation Sunday spent fifteen minutes discussing climate change and amongst other things its impact on tornadoes – in particular the EF-5 that hit Moore, Oklahoma, last week… As not one global warming skeptic was invited to participate in the panel…

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9 thoughts on “Global Warming Skeptics Rebut Face the Nation Segment on Climate Change and Moore Tornado”

  1. Scientific knowledge and its misuse either deliberate or otherwise has become so pervasive in society that it leaves one depressed. All this talk of global warming and tornado activity is such speculative junk. Consider that Jupiter’s Great Red Spot has been known to mankind since Giovanni Cassini discovered it 400 years ago. During that time it has changed size and color repeatedly. Who could predict, given the state of science today that such a phenomena as the Great Red Spot would exist? If no one had seen the Great Red Spot could its presence have been predicted by atmospheric climate models for Jovian planets? While I respect science greatly I think it becomes a perilous endeavor when its mission is corrupted by politics.

  2. What do you get when a network goes against even the warmist experts who state unequivocally that the tornado is definitely not linked to global warming? Brazen propaganda and Complete Bull S*** (CBS).

  3. Because despite our technological sophistication we are still primitives worshiping storm gods. Bad weather? Must be some sin in need of atonement. Want good weather in the future? Make the ritual sacrifice.
    What effect does the whole 400 ppm really make? These high priests are telling us that the changing climate is bad and that, if we would only let them by making the appropriate ritual sacrifices, they can control the climate.

  4. Man is responsible FIVE PERCENT for 400 ppm co2. Its amazing none of these people stop and think about the absurdity of their position. They are arguing that 20ppm of co2 that can be traced back to man ( 20% of it US made.. or 4ppm) is changing the climate. Why doesnt anyone in the media stop and think about this either. Amazing ignorance and/or deceit

  5. I think I was misinformed by the greens on global warming., why is the sun hotter now than when I was younger, is it because my skin has gotten thiner? It has been environmental groups who get me to participate and I have gotten wrong information. I want to a scientist more than ever to dispute what they say to me. Thank you for your talk it helped me a lot, I am not rick, but I came from a middle class family as a young person. I am going to stop being a green party member. thank you so much.

  6. The “Alarmists” are going to tell us that CO2 caused the Tornado in Moore . . . That is just patently Insane ! ! !

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