3 thoughts on “Soros-backed ProPublica admits to receiving from IRS confidential docs on conservative groups — last November!”

  1. Howdy br1022
    If Obama becomes toxic enough, as one may hope, then his already-weak leadership of the Dems will be reduced and his agenda will be much harder to push. I doubt there’s a convincing impeachment case anyway, but let the scandals weigh him down.
    Has Obama lost the people’s confidence? 49% of us had no confidence in him in 2012, by the voting anyway, but perhaps more had no confidence but wouldn’t vote for Romney anyway. Alas, Obama still has the support of too many people and especially too many people who buy their ink in barrels, their paper in one-ton rolls, and their bandwidth in gigs.

  2. Obama and his entire Administration has lost the confidence of the American people – his tyrannical overreaching – ignoring the laws and the Constitution – deciding which of the thousand and thousand of laws he will allow to be enforced. Just as with Rush – he must always create a straw man to attack and make out as evil – stopping him from doing all the good things he promised.

    Well we all know better now a this ploy will no longer serve him. If he can stay in office after these breaches in law – lying to the people about Benghazi – will not say where he was as the fighting went on – lied for two weeks about some dreamed up video – well the MSM said this was just Politics – next came the IRS discriminated against Tea Party, Patriots, Constitution and bill of rights groups and then even gave our income and tax paid by the famous Conservative Koch Brothers – these are CRIMES and we must demand prosecutions – next is that his Attorney General got a court to issue a warrant so they could SPY on the AP – tape phone calls monitor emails and list contacts –

    This is a government that PUNISHES all that take issue with the Administrations positions – talk about enemies list of Nixon – how about the Obama Chicago style HIT list – destroy those that stand in our way.

    Yes, Mr. President you have lost our support and trust – you are now to be questioned in every move you make – your Administration will be watched – each new rule or regulation will be evaluated – YOU HAVE LOST THE PEOPLE’S CONFIDENCE.


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