One thought on “Salt Guru: Current dietary guideline on salt ‘a lie’”

  1. I never think of anti-salt nannies that I dont think of the one I ran into a few years back. I was drinking a diet sparkling water after lunch one day as I admired the view of the Front Range and Pike’s Peak. This angry young woman stormed up to me and demanded: “What’s the sodium content of that?” (Like an angry SWAT team member pushing a gun in your face and demanding an answer.) Now this woman was a College age (when you know everything) a single mother of three kids all by different fathers with an abusive boyfriend and a record of drug abuse. She was only able to get temporary employment and that is why she was working for the company.

    Now I had never had any contact with her previously. I replied: “I dunno, never paid attention to it.” “WELL YOU HAD BETTER PAY ATTENTION!!!” She shreiked as she spun on her heel and stormed off. I looked at the bottle and it read “sodium free”

    The next day I was back there enjoying my Bloomberg approved size, diet, sodium free sparkling water when she entered the room with her paramour de Jour and they were eating a cup of ramen noodles, (enough salt to melt the ice off of your sidewalk).

    The incident told me a lot about control freaks, they wamt to control our lives because they cannot control their own.

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