5 thoughts on “Appellate court again sinks Katrina-related claims against oil companies”

  1. They are suing the wrong people. If skeptics can cause a stall in global warming, (scroll down a few posts to “Hansen: Stall in global warming–“), to prove their argument, then it would be possible for climate change advocates to have caused Hurricane Katrina to prove their point.

  2. With the Supreme Court convinced that CO2 is ‘a pollutant’, you have to appreciate how narrowly averted this potential catastrophe actually was. Time to make burnt offerings in thanks to the gods of Law.

  3. I lived in New Orleans from ’75-’80. The enviro’s were very proud of defeating this and they take zero responsibility for the flooding from Katrina. I doubt anyone can even get the public to hold them responsible. It’s much to easy to blame Bush for the failed city and state response and the evil oil company’s for climate change.
    The enviro’s do have one defense: the corruption in the Levee Boards and money flow to maintain levee’s and pumping stations.

  4. Thanks for the link, wilbert. I wondered about the claim that environmentalists were responsible for Katrina’s worse effects. Now I know.

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