4 thoughts on “Salon: Don’t cry climate-change wolf — for now”

  1. Howdy Snor
    I’ve read something of the kind and we have had a slowdown in Atlantic cyclones, especially those reaching the US. But keep it quiet; the warmists will seize on the flimsiest evidence and this ain’t the flimsiest.

  2. The way that I see it is that need for energy transfer from Tropics to Poles is powered by temperature differences between the two locations. If the CAGW hypothesis were true, warming would proceed more rapidly at the Poles, thereby lessening the temperature differences and, in theory reducing the number and frequency of the storms.

  3. Isn’t one of the functions of hurricanes and most probably mesocyclones to redistribute heat energy across the planet. At least a documentary mentioned that as a good side effect. If…and I mean if…there is some heating in the atmosphere, are these larger storms the results because heat is the the engine of these storms, but at the same time acting as a brake on the overall warming. Just a thought.

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