Dem. Sen. Whitehouse uses Oklahoma tornado for anti-GOP global warming rant

“While many Americans were tuned into news coverage of the massive damage from tornadoes ravaging the state of Oklahoma, Rhode Island Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse took to the Senate floor to rail against his Republican colleagues for denying the theory of anthropogenic global warming.”

Read more at the Daily Caller.

17 thoughts on “Dem. Sen. Whitehouse uses Oklahoma tornado for anti-GOP global warming rant”

  1. What A complete globalist Douch bag. Yea weather was never bad before hu? Paying a tax to breath will stop hurricanes and tornadoes. And guns can automatically jump out and fire off by themselves. And they say over half of humans need to die because of carbon we breath out. (But they get to live) Oh yes they really want to help us. They really care for our well being.

  2. Amazing, the tornado hit around 3:40 pm ET, and this guy has flip charts and a speech by 4:44 pm ET. As the say in Midwest, this guy is like pond scum.

  3. We all know tornadoes didn’t exist until global warming came about. Proof, remember Wizard of Oz – that was fiction 😛

  4. It is totally abhorrent that ghouls like this seek to feast on the death and misery of others. But perhaps what is more telling is that it is no longer a shock or surprise when they do.

    It has become all too common.

  5. What warming? 17 years of flatline doesn’t seem to register with Whitehouse.

    I’m forced to infer that he’s a pathologically lying bag of pond scum who prefers animals to humans. Rough you say?

    There’s more evidence for my hypothesis than there is for his.

  6. If deniers caused those natural events, then I’m surprised that the Senator is not more fearfull of their god-like powers. 🙂

    With deniers accused of causing damage and death, the Senator is accusing them of involuntary manslaughter. “Deniers” in the USA should seek a formal apology and a right of reply in the Senate.

    When the unwanted visitor sticks a toe in the door to hold it open; stomp on the toe.

  7. Doesn’t take then long does it. No wonder people have such contempt for politicians. Those poor people.

  8. In 2011 there were many tornadoes, and democrats blamed it on global warming. A recent study shows that this year’s tornado totals are way down at this point in the season, so I trust democrats will accept the obvious conclusion that global warming is clearly less of a problem today than is was just 2 years ago.

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