8 thoughts on “RFK Jr: Getting rid of free speech ‘the first step for saving the environment’”

  1. People in the USA have freedom of speech. People in the USA who incorporate are still people. Citizens United got it right. Get over it.

  2. Why not get rid of free speech then for all the whacko groups that oppose the Keystone XL pipeline?

  3. People like Al Gore and RFK Jr believe in free speech as long as it’s their speech. In fairness, we’ve had some conservatives inclined the same way.
    RFK Jr and Al Gore are both charlatans. Gore at least knows he is and RFK Jr. may know it. But the wicked and the foolish continue to vote for the wicked and the foolish, mostly because the same people who promise free stuff that someone else will pay for are the enemies of liberty.

  4. HuffPost.com or Luddite.com? Following the link above it was hard to tell the difference after reading some of the comments (like ‘Obama should just issue an executive order banning all fossil-fuel using industries.’)



  5. RFK Jr. ranks up there with Al Gore as one of the most competent and intelligent of modern liberal (or progressive as they now want to be called) politicians.

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