19 thoughts on “Prince Charles: ‘Climate change sceptics are turning Earth into dying patient’”

  1. The priest scandal was a complete hoax. Bishops used settlements to avoid long and expensive trials. Then the law was changed to reopen settle cases and the plaintiffs’ bar and sensationalist reporters went to work to convince the public that lawful and rational settlements were admissions of guilt.

    There were three actual trials. Those of Father Geoghan and Father Shanley were travesties on par with Salem. Those should have disgusted any civilized person.

  2. You have come across the honest warmists. These are people, often with backgrounds in social sciences, actually believe the hype and are genuine in their belief that humanity must greatly reduce CO2. Prince Charles has a habit of flying in the face of rationality, endorsing all sorts of pseudo-scientific quackery, especially in medicine. It’s like having the Ku Klux Klan endorse your candidate. Not someone that you want around.

  3. Okay, I never said I understood warmists, but *this* I really don’t get. Warmists are fed up with Charles. “Prince Charles injured by heavy irony”, The Daily Mash, http://bit.ly/13ISxGP

    Warmists are fond of saying they’re fond of science, but until now have been perfectly content to make common cause with people who say global warming will cause cannibalism, prostitution, animal shrinkage, barbarisation, bubonic plague, cancer, cataracts, childhood insomnia, and about 800 other wild and wacky things. http://bit.ly/3lDAB4

    Compared to your garden variety claims of planetary doom, Charles’ latest claims are rather blase — yet are now earning the mockery of the Green Left.

    What gives?

  4. Climate change deniers are not turning the Earth into a dying planet. However, Prince Charles is turning the British royal family into an international joke.

  5. I know that inbreeding has been an issue forever in monarchies, but somewhere someone bred with a bucket of rocks…

  6. Actually, I’m hoping the Brits find a way to skip Charles and go directly to Wills. Queen Kate is an added bonus…..

  7. Alright time to get it right. We are not killing the planet. We are not destroying the planet. We may be killing ourselves slowly, but if we kill our selves off the planet will still be here for the next dominant species. Even is another big asteroid hits, the planet will recover and we will be long gone.

  8. Being serious for a moment we should note that Royalty, personified by the Queen, has kept out of politics as she is Queen of the whole population, not a faction of it. Similaraly she, and those before her (largely)avoided becoming advocates of some phad or other.

    Charles, however, holds extreme views, not much different from FoE, Greenpeace, etc., and advocates in favour of the ‘new green order’. In fact he is probably worse than great uncle Edward (8th) and his affinity to the fascism.

    Can you imagine Charles, as puppet of the UN IPCC, visiting the green death upon Britain?

    Like most of the population I hope, for the sake of the monarchy and all of us, that the fool never becomes king.

  9. Further evidence of why the Queen’s not going to step aside for her intellectually challenged heir to the throne.

  10. He talks to plants, and claims they respond. He owns the world’s largest collection of toilet seats (no $|-|!+). Camilla Parker-Bowles has crooked teeth and barks at cats. He’s bonkers. Poor man, and he just had to close his organic vegetables business.

  11. The problem that the Catholic church made for itself was not that it inadvertently ordained paedophile priests, it was when it became an open secret and nobody did anything about it. Similarly the anti CO2 movement are debased by lauding the likes of Prince Charles and Al Gore who embody CO2 ‘evil’. Like sin, cutting CO2 is about what you do, not what you say.

  12. Note to Charles: If you want to be taken seriously regarding scientific matters, stop speaking in hyperbole. You are no William Shakespeare.

  13. Almost always the child with a fever will get well without drastic action by the “doctor”. No need for drastic exploratory surgery.

  14. Prince Charles is openly referred to as the Quacktitioner.

    For all his quackery, he has managed to do well with his faked eco beliefs, attaching the word “green” to anything to further his pocket, over priced organic food, wind farm subsidies, you name it. He was part of a consortium of businesses that built a town of 5,500 homes on green belt land, because as you can guess it was an eco town.

    Green fraud and greenfleecing is epidemic with the royals and political parties in the UK. It’s the public at large that suffer, having the stinking green collar robbers reach into their pockets via their energy bills.

  15. As a member of the Commonwealth, long live the Queen. Can you imagine this idiot as KING?

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