8 thoughts on “James Hansen goes Marxist: 100% of carbon tax ‘distributed to the public on per capita basis’”

  1. Interestingly, redistribution of the carbon tax would establish in the public an incentive to support the increased production of CO2. The prospect of everyone getting ‘Keystone checks’ in the mail would generate popular support for Keystone and any number of other similar projects.

    Is this what Hansen would want?

  2. He actually believes a new bureaucracy that can interact with 300,000,000 US residents (I doubt they would shortchange illegal immigrants), all for the purpose of handing out a few bucks to each one could be operated for FREE? with 0% Overhead???
    There is a line between ‘ignorant’ and ‘delusional’, which he evidently crossed some time ago.

  3. Hansen’s essay mentions returning the carbon tax on a per capita basis. That almost certainly means collecting it according to your purchases and sending it out according to your existence — which is just Marxist redistribution.
    The stifling effect on the economy would be terrible. It would contribute even more to a culture of dependence by making it nearly impossible for ordinary people to get ahead without some form of rents.

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