16 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood’s Bizarre Ad Campaign: ‘Your Baby Will Thank You’”

  1. There are some medical issues that are significant regarding the clinics providing abortions, etc. Abortion is indeed an invasive procedure. If a woman of any age had to have such a procedure in the hospital, she would need to be offered, by law, an informed consent to sign. This is a paper telling her of the risks to her health and safety from both the procedure and the anesthetic. Anyone who has ever had a surgical procedure is familiar with this policy. If a woman goes to an outpatient clinic for an abortion, she will not be offered any such paper.
    I have received instruction in the various abortion procedures and their complications. Some of the side effects include, significant blood loss, infection, sterility and death. You can do the research yourself online regarding these procedures. The methods of doing abortions are, to say the very least, brutal.
    Most abortion clinics are also not subject to inspections by state officials. And as far as I have been able to find out, there are no regulations for disposing of the fetal remains.

  2. And this is why I am so skeptical of all of the nightmare stories about the Planned Parenthood abortion mills. It seems to all be from third parties not affected and with great incentive to perpetuate lies. I haven’t heard anything directly against Planned Parenthood from people who have actually received services or benefits from Planned Parenthood.

    And Stan, why would they refer children to adoptive services? If you are going to adopt, you’ll go to a different place. That’s like complaining about hospices having high patient death rates.

  3. I remind you of the Terri Schiavo matter of a few years ago. People saw signs of cognition that came from editing of hours of video taping, and willy-nilly threw away all the evidence in litigation over the years. I did not follow the Gosenell case, but the aborted fetus were less than viable babies.

    Right to Life folks folks have used excessive regulations of abortion clinics to stop women from exercising their rights to choose.

    The fallacy in Right to Life reasoning comes from the fact that organisms have to reproduce fast enough to overcome calamities and natural mortality. The 10% neonatal mortality rate of the early 20th century is now less than 1%, the 60% pre-age-five mortality is now down to a rarity. Nature (God if you see it that way) requires a balancing reduction in fecundity. It’s like cats and dogs. If every member of every litter was saved, the non ocean surface of the Earth would
    be covered in dogs and cats. As I understand PP, they would rather have girls and women use birth control to manage their family size. Japanese women use abortion more because they do not like taking powerful medicines.

    Your comment borders on obsession. I point out that obsession about racism led to the Long Island Railroad shootings of Colin Ferguson and Religious obsession to the Boston bombing. I hope that you reflect more rationally on the matter.

  4. Bill, were you on Gosenell’s defense team? PP and Abortion Providers don’t care about “clean environments” or they wouldn’t oppose every attempt to regulate Abortion Mills like standard Operating Theaters. We’re talking an Invasive Procedure here, and yet PP and their ilk want it treated like Wart Removal.

  5. Planned Parenthood was a godsend to me and my wife when we were students. We both saw the blessings of birth control in our extended families. My grandfather had my grandmother institutionalized just to get welfare to help raise his too many children. Fortunately a good doctor at the mental institution saw that my grandmother didn’t belong there.

    As I understand the literature, roughly one third of women in America will have an abortion in their lifetimes. It is wonderful that they get the service provided in a clean environment by competent personal. Calling these people murderers is insane.

  6. Most Planned Parenthood facilities, at least in my area, offer little to no medical care to women. They don’t have the necessary equipment to perform mammograms or fetal monitoring equipment for proper management of a pregnancy they’re not planning to end. If they’re going to change their image, they should at least start providing the health services to women they claim to provide.

  7. Do we have to be fair to Mussolini, because he made the trains run on time? Do you have to be fair to mafiosi because they give money to orphanages?

    When someone commits a murder, a civilized society does not forgive the crime because he also did good deeds.

    Planned Parenthood is an organization dedicated to mass murder. They kill hundreds of thousands of babies every year.

    Every PP affiliate is required by the national organization to kill babies. They protect child sex traffickers, they discourage adoption, they deceive their customers and the general public, and they kill innocent babies by the hundreds of thousands.

    Planned Parenthood reported performing 329,445 abortions in 2010 while it provided prenatal care to only 31,098 women and referred only 841 women to adoption agencies. That’s ~10.6 abortions for each prenatal services client, and ~392 abortions for every adoption referral.

    PP’s business is abortion. Prenatal services are a minor sideline. In most cases, PP offers no services unrelated to abortion which aren’t also available from other, more trustworthy sources.

    If a Mafia hit-man killed ten innocent people for money, but also provided helpful prenatal services (for a fee) to an eleventh person, would you let him off the hook for the murders?

  8. Howdy dburton
    Planned Parenthood has few friends here and BofH may not be one. I’m not, really. Some of their positions, and not only on abortion, leave me queasy. But fair is fair and that’s all BofH was asking for, I think.
    Planned Parenthood does provide a lot of services other than abortion services. They provide contraception services and products, screening and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, and cancer screenings. PP receives a lot of charitable support for these services as well as government subsidies; they are also Medicaid providers in many cases, just as a family doctor might be.
    I imagine that nearly all of Planned Parenthood’s staff would be happier if no one ever asked for an abortion.
    I’m aware of some of Margaret Sanger’s uglier quotes and concepts. I’m concerned about Planned Parenthood’s leadership sometimes having cavalier ideas about the significance of the decision to have an abortion. I’m also aware that, for some women, this appears to be the best of the bad options available to them. I’m not going to assert a governmental or societal right to manage their bodies for them.

  9. The only resource that I trust to be neutral on this issue is the treasury. Planned Parenthood has an enormous Chinese wall between its government subsidies and its abortion services that has been assailed on all sides by various anti-abortion groups and still it has held firm.

  10. There’s a lot of truth in your comment, BofH. Planned Parenthood is still the leading provider of abortion services in the US, though, and that gives the line a very hollow ring.

  11. Planned Parenthood offers a full range of prenatal services. They’re not an abortion factory, and they are attempting to change that image which has been falsely foisted upon them. Planned Parenthood does a lot of good work for the poor who have no other options for prenatal services.

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