6 thoughts on “Acting EPA chief asks EPA Inspector General to investigate FOIA fee discrimination against conservative groups”

  1. I think that we can safely say that Obama did not wish for Ambassador Steven’s death. The people in chargemisjudged the need for security and mismanaged the response. Al Qaeda committed a war crime by targeting a diplomat. People died as a result. This is the military, mistakes that cost lives are all too common. Learn from your mistakes and punish the guilty.

    If the Obama administration had simply said that, then there would be nothing to say. The problem lies in the coverup more so than the underlying problem.

    Furthermore, Bill, the entire system is rotten at the core. The scandals are good for exposing this. If we can show clear and unquestionably illegal preferential treatment to environmentalists, then it will make people more receptive to the idea that the EPA is lying. If they are willing to violate the constitution. Why would they balk at scientific ethics?

  2. The words “hype” and “hoax” both begin with the letter letter “h”. Maybe that is why you confused the two.

    I have no reason to believe that the Ambassador was anything but a great guy, and his death is regrettable. But bombs are still going off in Iraq with no hype about the victims.

    One guy attacked the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado and killed a whole bunch of nice people. Police and military assets were available, but did not stop the event.

  3. The Ambassador’s family will be relieved to find out that reports of his death are just hype.

  4. The recent “scandals” are political hyping and irritating. But more important, Mr. Milloy’s brilliant syllogism showing EPA Science to be twisted is lost in the noise. I certainly don’t care about peoples hatred of any and everything Obama. I do care about the misuse of science.

  5. Our government has become unrepresentative, untrustworthy and tyrannical. This situation simply cannot continue indefinitely. Something is going to break.

  6. Unfair and biased charges to climate skeptics for produced copies of documents is the tip of the iceberg. A systematic investigation of EPA compliance is needed. There are several lawsuits pending to force the EPA to fully comply with FOIA that frame the issues for the IG investigation.

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