Oil heiress and activist shareholder blames ExxonMobil for Oklahoma tornado

Third generation oil heiress Jane Dale Owen writes at Climate Progress:

As if to illustrate this point of no return, monster tornadoes raged across the middle of this country completely obliterating Moore, Oklahoma. Pieter Tans, a senior scientist in NOAA’s Global Monitoring Division told a New York Times reporter, “It symbolizes that so far we have failed miserably in tackling this problem.”

For years, responsible investor groups have called for ExxonMobil to address climate change. The company’s board of directors seems to hardly notice. Again this year, there are resolutions calling for greenhouse gas emissions goals.

But a major shift in shareholder resolution themes is emerging. 2013 shareholder resolutions call for ExxonMobil to disclose what the company is doing to adapt to extreme weather and climate change. This shift in resolution themes illustrates how neglecting to address climate change has contributed to a global crisis in which disasters are anticipated and preparedness for such events is a priority for any company’s business plan.

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4 thoughts on “Oil heiress and activist shareholder blames ExxonMobil for Oklahoma tornado”

  1. The term “Heiress” explains it all. Obviously Ms Airhead inherited her wealth and never had to dirty her hands in making it. Therefore, she is excluded from any rational thought associated with her ownership of shares of a major corporation. She can pass judgement on the corporation that continues to pay her annual dividend and make irrational accusations without any consequences. Her parents probably realized she would not be capable of making rational decisions so set up a trust fund financed from the profits of a number of multinational companies.

  2. I think that she, and all of those who would follow her should start their own little community to put their Utopian vision of how life should be and then pay for it out of their own pockets, I believe it is the only way they will figure out their heads are full of sh!t.

  3. Maybe Ms. Owen ought to step back and examine just where her bread is buttered. Considerating from where she’s paid, she should be defending ExxonMobil. Or maybe she wants to kill the goose that lays the Golden Eggs.

  4. We have failed miserably to control tornadoes. I didn’t know we could control them or that anyone was seriously trying. Looks like NOAA has at least one too many people.
    Although I’m not surprised that the ghouls feast on the victims of these tragic events, I haven’t lost my distaste for those folks.

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