4 thoughts on “Meteorological Society: ‘Climate Science is Core to Science Education’”

  1. Most humans, being intellectually lazy, will accept as authoritative the First Assertion they hear on any given topic. All subsequent assertions are compared to the First and conditionally accepted as long as they do not overtly conflict with it. If the First is in error, then all subsequent learning will be tainted by that error, and biased in tis favor.
    This explains why primitive religions that worship nature deities, dead heroes, or supernatural beings still endure.
    Training in the scientific method needs to come FIRST: Hypothesis, Experiment, Analysis, Testing. Along with this Critical Thinking should be taught. I recommend James Lett’s outline: http://www.csicop.org/si/show/field_guide_to_critical_thinking/

  2. ” …if students learn scientific method and physics first, warmism has no chance.” Big IF there!
    There is real climate science and there are real climate scientists, some of whom believe humans contribute to warming of the atmosphere. Most of what passes for “climate science” is charlatanry, though, politicized for the purpose of scaring us into giving up our liberties and our standard of living.
    The real ones share their data and debate the facts. Alas, the public face of “climate science” from the AGW side is ad hominems, fabrications, cherry-picking and stonewalling (can you spell UEA CRU?).

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