Obama sweats global warming in commencement address: Worries planet in ‘chaos’ 30 years from now

But the New York Times says on the same day that Obama has offered “no visibly sign of a coherent” climate strategy.

From Obama’s commencement address at Morehouse College:

And there’s still a lot more work to be done to make our economy more energy-efficient, to make sure that we’re dealing with serious issues like climate change. When I look at Arthur’s incredible kids and grandkids, I’m thinking, just like I’m thinking about when I see Malia and Sasha — I want to make sure that 30 years from now, 40 years from now, when they’re with their kids and their grandkids, that they’ve got a planet that isn’t in chaos because of decisions that we made or decisions that we failed to make. We’ve got a lot more work to do there.

From the NYTimes Sunday editorial:

Yet we are now four months into Mr. Obama’s second term, and there is no visible sign of a coherent [climate] strategy.

8 thoughts on “Obama sweats global warming in commencement address: Worries planet in ‘chaos’ 30 years from now”

  1. Odama plays the 30 and 40 year card; no screwing around here, not even a hint of conservatism. It’s conventional to play the 10 year card first as in the poles will be ice free in 10 years or the oceans will be dead in 10 years. Yeah right, what difference does it make; I’m playing the January 2017 card, the SOB will cease to be POTUS.

  2. Oblunder’s timing is awful.

    His sudden concern about global warming, 5 years after being in office, has everything to do with preparing for “an Al Gore style make over of his finances” after he leaves office.

    Lefty socialists never do business, they do people. It’s easier to rob from the public, via energy bills for example, than it is from working or running a business.

    Greenfleecing is an out of control pyramid scheme, very hard to stop, as those that extort the most, are considered the cream of society, likely to be a politician, an academic, an environmentalist or a member of a disroyal family.

  3. The “O” runs his mouth . . . and more nonsense comes out . . . I could see that back in 08 . . . The O’bammy loon is concerned about the “Planet” ? ? ? What about the USA that you are driving over a fiscal cliff Mr. Part-time President?
    Gorebull Warming died 16 years ago . . . it was a “Fraud” . . .

  4. It’s always predictions far enough in the future that no one will remember the prediction. 30 years from now… Does anyone remember the climate disaster predictions of 1988 by Hansen? He still gets great credibility among the believers. Obama needs to keep up the sense of crisis. Heck, with today’s educational system, his audience doesn’t know to question him.

  5. What is he talking about, has no one told him the planet is in chaos now due to his destabilization of the Middle East? We’ll be lucky to be there in freedom 30 years from now.

  6. The only ‘chaos’ that might take place would be if Obama should do anything to constrict the availability of abundant and inexpensive energy.

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