Hansen Hysterics: With oils sands ‘the climate problem becomes unsolvable’

But oil sands production involves only an extra 0.055% (or less) of greenhouse has emissions over the next 50 years.

Read about Hansen’s latest hysterics.

Read about oils sands not really being meaningfully “dirtier” than conventional oil production.

3 thoughts on “Hansen Hysterics: With oils sands ‘the climate problem becomes unsolvable’”

  1. The climate problem is unsolvable because human activity and policy don’t drive climate. Hansen is a fool, a charlatan, or some combination thereof.

  2. Hansen is a leading climate scientist and the evil oil companies are buying off whole governments in their quest to destroy the climate. Which of Mr. Hansen’s climate predictions have happened? Based on his track record, why would I believe him?

  3. With the population it is bad – with breathing it is bad – with energy being cheap and available to create JOBS and a better standard of living is bad. Economic growth is bad, freedom is bad, liberty is bad, my way is good, sustainable is the goal, What is sustainable? surly not a earth bound system. Every life form has had it’s day only to go extinct.

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