Merde: Rubber gloves don’t protect cashiers from BPA on receipts, say French regulators

Exposure to BPA is entirely harmless.

This is a Google translation from a French report:

INFO RTL – The Food Safety Agency will confirm Tuesday that bisphenol molecule contained in the receipts and invoice slips, acts as an endocrine disruptor. The risk concern particularly certain professions.

On Tuesday, the Food Safety Agency (handles) to render an opinion on the bisphémol. This review will cover all products containing this substance: food containers, cans, canisters with water, but also … the receipts and invoice slips credit card.

Regarding the latter, the handles should confirm that there is a risk. Warning not for everyone, but for some professions. As supermarket cashiers and employees in businesses that handle all day receipts or credit card. For these tickets, there is bisphenol: a product to print without ink (this is a thermal printing).

Bisphenol A, hazards and risks
Bisphenol A is suspected to favor including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and infertility.
Bisphenol a danger to pregnant cashiers

If there is a potential risk, because it enters the skin. It is an endocrine disruptor but it is dangerous, it takes a lot. So shoppers that affect this type of paper a few times a week, have nothing to fear.

However, for a cashier who will spend his day to give receipts, credit card and coupon, it’s hundreds of contacts per day. The risk is particularly important if the cashier is pregnant. Because it is the fetus who is most at risk, with implications for the then growing child: risk of cancer, infertility …

After bisphenol A, bisphenol S here, just as harmful

So what? Unfortunately, cashiers, there is no means of protection. The gloves are useless. Some brands boast of having suppressed bisphenol A in their tickets. Yes, but they are put in the place of bisphenol S which is also dangerous. The only solution would be to return to the printing ink as before. But it would change all the machines.

Then it will cause problems with labor law, because the risk is not completely proven. But as a precaution, is that a pregnant woman can ask not to work the body during pregnancy? Following the opinion of the handles, what measures will the government take to protect employees exposed to bisphenol. This is certainly a sensitive topic.

Read Steve Milloy’s “BPA-free Isn’t.”

2 thoughts on “Merde: Rubber gloves don’t protect cashiers from BPA on receipts, say French regulators”

  1. This scare was mainly created by the infamous Freddy Vom Saal, who as far as we know, has not released his “evidence” to any other researcher to confirm what he claims. A small amount of BPA is in the lining of canned foods to prevent contamination. But we no longer see the swollen cans of foods that we once did. And if there’s some on the surface of laser printed register receipts, so what? Where are the bodies?

  2. So the French are considering an expensive (and therefore environmentally harmful) protective effort that won’t protect against something that’s safe in the first place. The EU is liable to follow suit.
    There’s a reason I didn’t vote for Obama. This is exactly the kind of thing he and his enablers would pursue.

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