Gov. Moonbeam slams warmists as on ‘losing end’ of ‘contest for ideas’

The Contra Costa Times reports:

“We’re really in a war here, a contest for ideas, and this crowd is on the losing end,” [Gov. Brown] said, noting that scientists must talk not only to each other but to laymen in an understandable and compelling way. Just like in electoral politics, he said, “your base is important, but you’ve got to convince the swing voter to win.”

Read more at the Contra Costa Times.

2 thoughts on “Gov. Moonbeam slams warmists as on ‘losing end’ of ‘contest for ideas’”

  1. MB needs to check his financial statement = he is broke and history – there is no way California can survive without major changes – like a drastic hair cut for UNION pay, pensions, and welfare – there is no choice it can last maybe ten years on the outside.

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