Gov. Moonbeam: If no action against climate change in 5 years, “it’s over”

What’s over, warmism?

The Contras Costa Times reports:

“What’s coming at us is what we ourselves are creating,” he said, adding that if action against climate change “is just about like this five years from now, it’s over.”

Yet some environmentalists say Brown’s actions don’t match his green rhetoric — particularly his diversion of $500 million in cap-and-trade fee revenues away from clean-energy and pollution abatement projects and into a one-year loan to help California balance its books.

8 thoughts on “Gov. Moonbeam: If no action against climate change in 5 years, “it’s over””

  1. Please continue making these pronouncements.
    “Let him rave on so that the world may know him mad”
    Ok, so it was the villain of a Charlton Heston movie, but still the quote is apt.

  2. I thought we were all supposted to be baked like a crisp by the end of the 1990’s according to what I remember. I guess someone pushed back the deadline 20 years and I didn’t get the memo.

  3. Does this mean that Governor Loonie and all of the other Al Gore acolytes will shut up in 5 years?

    I am still allowed to hope am I not?

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